With 20+ years of experience, PalPilot has proved itself to be a valuable asset in the core industries of PCB Engineering, Manufacturing, and Components.

“Pal” embodies the value of strong customer and partner relationship and recognition; “Pilot” demonstrates our forward drive as a supply and demand solution leader.

We are, the bridge for all your needs.

(Please note: PalPilot has not established necessary procedures for ITAR controlled data and/or defense hardware for offshore manufacturing – we are not accepting any ITAR controlled technical data at this time.)

Core Values


PalPilot provides extensive design and manufacturing knowledge. We have local engineers that are ready to tackle any questions head-on.


PalPilot takes pride in creating an environment of trust and honesty. We believe that mutual respect makes everything better.

Customer Service

PalPilot understands the importance of constant communication of customer needs. We uphold a strong integrity to creating long-lasting relationships.


PalPilot demostrates full responsibility in tedious supply chain tasks. We value hard work to provide our customers the best quality services.

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