Metallization on Si-Hy-PI

RTR Manufacturing



  • The interlayer roughness of a product prepared by the direct electroless plating method is very small.
    advantage to high frequency transmission

  • The copper thickness is adjustable.
    advantage to fine-pitch formation
    shortening of etching time
    applicable to semi-additive process

Pre-drilled Metallization

  • Laser drill on PI energy saving 90% compare with drilling on Cu foil FCCL.

  • PI Laser punch type drill speed is around 4 times higher than Laser circle type drilling on Cu FCCL.

  • Through hole or fully filled hole is easily selectable.
RTR UV Laser Processing System

Features & Advantages

  1. Super Thin Copper Thickness
    => Thinner Copper gives better etching factor, fold ability, and fine pitch capability.

  2. Ultra Low Roughness Profile of Copper
    => Nano scale Copper Profile provides better Circuit Conductivity and lower Impedance, good for high frequency circuit design.

  3. Excellent Peel Strength Stability
    => Nano size anchors between PI and Copper contribute good peel strength after Heat Aging.

  4. Excellent Dimension Stability
    => CTE of Pomiran PI film is design to match Copper, more than that, wet process direct metallization on PI film provides very low thermo stress.

  5. Unique Pre-drilled Capability
    => Not only shorten the FPC manufacturing processes and save cost, but also reduce the waste of the earth's resources.