PalPilot’s substrate division delivers full interconnect solutions from SI/PI modeling, interconnect routing and fabrication. Substrate structures include standard BGA, CSP structures and support assembly industry standard wire bond and flip chip methods. Our advanced package systems enable next generation high I/O flip (3000 IO+) at 100um pitch (or less) and idea for 2.5D interconnect solutions.

Products & Services

SI & PI simulation

  • Signal integrity simulation
    • Impedance
    • S-parameters
    • Eye Pattern
    • Jitter
  • PPG/PCB Co-Simulation
    • Plane impedance analysis
    • Resonance analysis
    • IR-drop
    • Decoupling optimization

Substrate / Package

  • High density, ultra thin substrate fabrication
  • Quick Turn Fabrication
    • 5 to 10 days L/T
  • Next Generation PKG
  • 100um FC pitch @ 5000 I/O +
  • 2.5D Package Solutions

High Speed Interconnect Lab

  • High speed, high density, and power integrity measurement & analysis
  • Channel data rate from 10Gbps to 28Gbps
  • High speed equipment
    • 67GHz PNA
    • 50GHz DCA-J
    • 12.5Gbps Parallel BERT
    • PCB12500, 50GHz

Substrate / Package Structures

Substrate / Package structures

Substrate Roadmap

Substrate Roadmap

Capabilities Enabling Customer Values

  • Full Package Modeling & Design Service

    Customer Value: Reduce customer design turns and development lead times

  • 5 & 7 Day BGA/CSP Quick Turn Fabrication

    Customer Value: Time reduction of customer development & deployment

  • Ultra-Thin “Coreless” Package Structures

    Customer Value: Support of mobile & wearable interconnect system

  • Ceramic On Organic Laminate (COOL) Package Product Launch

    Customer Value:Next generation 2.5D & 100um (flip chip) 5000 I/O+ packaging

  • Full Package SiP Product Solutions

    Customer Value: Single point of contact from engineering/design through production